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Tips to stay on track

drink less gain more - tips to stay on track

Being prepared for danger times / places when it will be hardest to stay on track

Think when it’s hardest for you

  • After work 
  • After putting the kids to bed
  • On nights out with friends
  • At home alone
  • Watching sports
  • At big celebrations like weddings and family events
  • After arguments or at stressful times
  • When I’m feeling down or lonely
  • With a meal

Have a plan for how you will cope before you get into the situation. For example:

  • Drink low-alcohol alternatives
  • Suggest alcohol-free activities with friends
  • Learn some stress-management techniques, like controlled breathing or mindfulness
  • Change your route to avoid pubs or off-licenses

Prepare for peer pressure

  • Try to tell the people you normally drink with about your plans to cut down, so they understand.
  • Buy your own drinks.
  • Be the designated driver.
  • Buy low alcohol alternatives – alcohol-free beers, wine or cocktails.

Get your answers ready:

  • “I’m on a diet.”
  • “I’m on medication.” 
  • “I’m off it at the moment.”
  • “I’m cutting down.”
  • “I have to be up early in the morning.”

 “Alcohol is the only drug in the world that, when you give it up, people berate you”¹

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Worried about your drinking?

If alcohol is causing you problems or you feel you need help to manage your drinking, see our section Worried about your drinking?

¹Andy Ramage ‘One year no beer'
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