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Whether it’s taking a break or rethinking the way you drink longer term - everyone can feel the benefits of cutting back on drinking.

What’s important to you?

Even drinking a little bit less can help you to feel better, physically and mentally, and open up new experiences away from the pub or the sofa. It can also help you to keep a healthy relationship with alcohol, and avoid problems in the future, especially if you regularly drink over the low-risk limits.


Mental health benefits

Improve my mental health, depression, anxiety: It may feel like a quick fix but it creates more problems in the long run. Read more

"It makes things worse. When I sober up I feel really low"

Different activities / new ways of having fun

“There’s a whole world out there, but my social life revolves around booze.” Read more about drink-free activities

Worried about your drinking?


If alcohol is causing you problems or you feel you need help to manage your drinking, see our section Worried about your drinking.

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Where to get help

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