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Lifestyle benefits


Better relationships / more time with my loved ones

Getting a better relationship with alcohol can also mean a better relationship with the people you care about:

  • More quality time together
  • Fewer arguments
  • The chance to bond over different activities
  • Less tension 

Get your weekends back - No more hangovers 

Had enough of waking up hungover and spending your Sundays nursing yourself back to health? Or suffering from the  ‘the fear’ the low mood that often follows a night’s drinking?

If you’re used to spending your weekends curled in a ball on the sofa, it can be a welcome break to wake up with a clear head, a positive outlook and the energy to make the most of your free time.

Different activities / new ways of having fun

In Ireland, drink is a big part of the way we socialise - from big events like birthdays, marriages, deaths to marking a success or commiserating when something goes wrong, from heart-to-heart chats to letting our hair down, or watching Saturday afternoon sports.

Taking the focus of alcohol can open the door to new experiences and a whole world of fun that doesn’t revolve around the pub or the sofa.


If you and your partner normally drink together, try to cut down together, and use the extra time and money to do something fun. Get some ideas for alcohol-free activities.

More benefits

More money

Fewer regrets

Sleep better, more energy

Lose weight, look better

Mental health benefits

Health and fitness benefits


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