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Tips for drinking less

Tips for drinking less on a night out

  • Go out later
  • Bring less money
  • Order smaller drinks – a glass rather or bottle rather than a pint, a single measure of spirit rather than a double.
  • Pick lower strength drinks
  • Avoid ‘top-ups’, so that you can keep track of how many you’re drinking
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Don’t drink too fast – sip your drinks and wait a while before ordering another
  • Avoid buying rounds. If you can’t, buy yourself a soft drink or a non-alcoholic drink when it’s your round
  • If you’re leaving, leave your drink unfinished


Tips to reduce drinking at home

  • Stock up on low-alcohol or alcohol free drinks
  • Use a standard measure for spirits, rather than pouring ‘freehand’
  • Start drinking a bit later – go for a walk, have a shower or do some extra jobs or an activity first
  • Change your routine to find new things to do at your usual ‘drinking times’
  • If you’re giving up, don’t keep alcohol at home
  • Consider not buying alcohol in your weekly shopping


Worried about your drinking?

If your drinking is causing you problems or you feel you aren’t in control of your drinking, please see our section Worried about your drinking?

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