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You may have alcohol in your blood for some time after drinking. 1 in 5 fatal road crashes that happen between 6am and 12 noon are alcohol related. You should allow at least on hour per standard drink for the alcohol to clear from your system. That means after 3 pints, 3 large glasses of wine or 3 double measures of spirits you should wait 6 hours before driving.

No. Any alcohol affects your driving skills. It slows reaction times, and means you are less likely to notice dangers on the road. You are far more likely to have a collision, even after drinking a small amount of alcohol. The only safe advice is not to drink if you plan to drive.

The legal BAC limit is 0.05 for most drivers and 0.02 for professional, learner and novice drivers. Most people will be over this limit after one standard drink. A standard drink contains 10mg of alcohol. 

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