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Alcohol, medications and other drugs


If you mix alcohol with other drugs, the combined effects of the drugs can be unpredictable or dangerous.

This combination of different drug effects is called a drug interaction.

Drug interactions can happen with illegal, recreational drugs, prescription medication or medicines you can buy in a pharmacy.

For more information about drug interactions, visit the interactions with other drugs section on the website. is Ireland’s national drug information and support website and provides a comprehensive range of information and supports related to substance use. provides an A-Z of the different types of drugs and their effects, a wide range of support resources and several harm-reduction campaign resources.

The site also houses a national directory of drugs and alcohol services. recently launched an interactive drug self-assessment and brief intervention resource. The resource will enable individuals over the age of eighteen to complete an online test to identify harmful drug use. On completing the test, the user receives personalised video feedback based on their specific responses, with suggestions on what to do to change any risks relating to drug use.

If you are looking for online support in relation to a drug and/or alcohol issue you can access the LiveHelp online support chat service

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