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Cope with your feelings without Alcohol

Most people struggle with their feelings at some point, but there are healthy ways to cope with feelings that can help you to feel better and build up your mental health:

  • Try to understand the feelings or issues that are bothering you, so that you can get to the bottom of them and try and sort them out.

  • Learn about ways to manage your feelings, such as positive thinking, techniques to keep irrational thoughts and anxiety under control. Faced with ‘down times’ we can also discover ways of building  our coping skills and get emotionally stronger.

  • Get support if you don’t feel you can do it alone, there are lots of support groups, websites and online communities that can help. See our section Where to get help for information on support available.

  • Share your feelings with a good listener. has some tips on talking about your feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone involved in your situation, there are helplines and online support groups where you can chat in confidence.


We also have tips for coping with specific issues:

Find it hard to cope without alcohol?

If you are worried about your mental health, struggling to cope or if you feel you can’t manage without alcohol you might need help. Some people need professional support or medication to help get their mental health back on track. See Where to get help for types of help and where to get it.


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Where to get help

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