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Understanding feelings


Life’s ups and downs

Everyone has worries and problems, feelings that can be hard to cope with and stressful times in their lives.

Our feelings and our overall mental health are not fixed - they change all the time depending on what happens in our lives and how we feel about ourselves inside.


Managing our feelings – good mental health

 Good mental health means:

  • We can deal better with life’s ups and downs
  • We can cope with our responsibilities
  • We can manage our feelings so they don’t overwhelm us
  • We feel good about ourselves
  • We have healthy relationships with other people has tips on things you can do to improve your mental health and cope better. There's also advice on how to talk about your feelings, which can make a big difference to how you feel.

When things are tough

At times when our mood is low or we have a lot of negative feelings or problems, we want to feel better.

There are different things you can try to cope with your feelings and get into a more positive state of mind. Some work better than others.

Because alcohol can change our mood, some people drink alcohol to try to cope or feel better.

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Problems + alcohol = more problems. Why alcohol isn't the answer for our mental health

Healthy ways to cope with your feelings: Information on common problems like:

Psychological dependence - dependent drinking and your emotions


Mental Health Foundation (2006). Cheers. Understanding the relationship between alcohol and mental health 

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