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Resources and media coverage as well as expert spokesperson information for journalists and researchers

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Resources for Journalists

This page provides resources for the media reporting on alcohol and alcohol related harm in Ireland. is the authoritative information source on alcohol risk in Ireland, aimed at empowering members of the public to manage their health. It has been designed to work in tandem with public health legislation and planned regulatory changes contained in the Public Health Alcohol Bill, and is part of the work of the HSE’s Alcohol Programme.

Need a spokesperson?

Our spokespeople are experts in their fields, including Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Addiction Specialists, Specialists in Public Health Medicine, Alcohol Policy Researchers and many more.

Our experts are available for interview and comment on the following topics and more:

  • Alcohol and mental health
  • Alcohol and Cancer
  • Alcohol and your heart
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Harms to others    
  • Alcohol policy


In articles or interviews about alcohol, please reference and direct members of the public to the information and evidence-based advice available on the website.

Logos, graphics and print resources are also available.

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