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Your drinking

Track your drinking pattern, understand the risks and find out how much is too much. Learn about the benefits of cutting down or taking a break, and get support if you’re worried about your drinking.


Drinking too much and too often can cause damage to your physical and mental health in the short and long term.

But how much is too much?

Take a look at the drinking guidelines and keep the health risks low

pint of lager 20g
Pint of lager 20g
pint of cider 23g
Pint of cider 23g
alcopop 12g
Alcopop 12g
pub measure
of spirits 11g
Pub measure of spirits 11g


How much do you drink each week?

Use the Drinks Calculator interactive tool to find out how many standard drinks you are having on a week and make an informed choice about your drinking.

  1. Select a drink type
  2. Add the amount using the + and - then press ADD
  3. Once you’ve added them all, click CALCULATE

Note: You can add multiple drink types

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