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How much is too much?

your drinking - how much is too much

It’s hard to say how much is too much. It varies from person to person.

What we know

  • Even a small amount of alcohol can negatively affect your mood, your health or increase your risk of accidents, injuries and illness.
  • If you regularly drink above the low-risk limits, especially if you have a lot of ‘heavy-drinking’ days, you are at risk of experiencing serious problems or becoming dependent on alcohol as time goes on.
  • There is no completely safe level of alcohol, but low-risk drinking is the best way to avoid alcohol-related problems.


What problems can alcohol cause?

Health problems – From small symptoms like poor sleep, reflux and headaches, to serious illnesses like heart disease, liver disease and cancer.

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Social and personal problems like relationship issues, arguments, money worries and problems at work.



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