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Giving up alcohol or trying to control you drinking is a very personal journey.

Sometimes people ‘go it alone’ because they are ashamed to admit that they have a problem or worry what will happen if people know.

Support can make a huge difference, so don’t be afraid to get help if you need it.

There are many people who understand how you are feeling and who can help, advise and support you.

Support from friends and family

It can be scary to tell friends and family what you are doing. It may mean admitting you have a problem and you may worry about letting them down if you don’t succeed.

At the same time, friends and family can share the burden and support you.

Support from people with similar issues

It can be a lonely place if you are struggling with dependence. Many people say they were surprised and relieved to find out there were other people with similar experiences and feelings to them, facing similar challenges.

Support from people in the same situation is called peer support. Peer support includes:

  • Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Family Support Network groups
  • Online communities where you can share your experiences, ask questions and get support and advice
  • Web-based blogs, where people record their experience of changing their drinking pattern
  • Talking to someone who has had a similar issue

Professional support

Professional support can help you to understand your situation and find the best treatment for you. Places to go for professional help include:

  • Your GP
  • Your local drug and alcohol treatment service
  • Private counselling
  • Residential treatment programmes
  • Online counselling

Alcoholics Anonymous Ireland

Tel: 01-8420700 (Local phone services also available)



Smart Recovery Ireland


If you need help with finding support, call our Alcohol Helpline on 1800 459 459. You could also look at our section Where to get help for different types of support.

We also have information on types of alcohol treatment and what to expect, including counselling and residential programmes.


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