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What if I have a drink?

Try not to panic if you slip up

It’s not unusual for people who successfully changed their drinking habits to say that it took them a few tries.

Having a slip up doesn’t mean you can’t do it or won’t succeed in the end.

Think about why it happened

Were you in a high-risk situation before you were ready?

Did your emotions get the better of you?

Did you convince yourself that you could have just one drink?

Did you need some support?

Try again

Remind yourself why it's important - Look over your reasons for changing again.

Set a new date to change and make a new plan.

Think about what was difficult for you last time and how you will handle it next time. You have learned something that will help you to succeed next time.

Make sure you have enough support, whether it's professional support, support from people going through the same thing, or friends and family.

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Are you ready to change?

Making a plan and getting ready

Get support

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Where to get help

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