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Change or stay the same?

Thinking about change is the first step in making a change

What will change mean for you?  

Thinking about the benefits and disadvantages of changing and keeping things as they are can help you to get ready to make a change. 


The good, the bad and the ugly – benefits and disadvantages of change

The good

What things might get better if you changed your drinking?

What’s good about carrying on drinking the way you are?


The bad

What are the bad things about changing? What worries you?

What is bad about leaving things as they are?

See some questions to ask yourself to think about what effect alcohol has on your life


The ugly

Think about any bad times that have happened because of drinking.

What do you regret most about your drinking?

Try to think of something that happened that makes you think “I never want that to happen again.”

Is there a particular moment that makes you feel like making a change to your drinking when you think about it?

It may make you feel bad or ashamed to think about the ugly side of drinking, but it can give you a reason to change and can help you stay on track if you feel like giving up.

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Do you need to change? Think about the effects alcohol is having on your life

Do you believe you can change? Are you ready? What's making it hard?

If you feel you're ready, the next step is to prepare for change...Read more

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