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How is alcohol affecting your life?

Questions to ask yourself, if you're thinking about changing your drinking pattern.

Your relationship with alcohol 

How do you feel about alcohol? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you feel it controls you? Does your relationship with alcohol cause you problems?

 Are you worried about being able to control your drinking?

How important is it to you to stop?

Your health

Do you have health symptoms or conditions that you think are being caused or made worse by drinking?

Is drinking causing you stress because you’re worried about your health?

Do you have any health conditions that are made worse by drinking?

Do hangovers or blackouts make your life difficult?

Do you know the long-term health risks of heavy drinking?

Your relationships

Are there arguments about drinking?

Do you spend less time with your family or partner because you’re drinking or hungover?

Do you get on better with your partner when you’ve been drinking?

Does your drinking worry your loved ones or make them uncomfortable?

Does drinking help you bond with your friends?

Are you a good friend?

Your mood and mental health

Do you have anxiety, stress or depression, which can be made worse by drinking?

Is alcohol a mental release for you or a way to cope with your problems?

Do you feel you are controlled by your desire to drink?

Is alcohol an important part of having fun for you?

Your relationship with yourself 

How do you feel about yourself?

How does drinking affect that?

Practical, legal and financial issues

Does drinking interfere with your family responsibilities or affect your performance in work?

Have your driven or got into fights under the influence?

Is alcohol affecting your financial situation?

The big picture

Do you enjoy your life as it is now?

How do you see your future? Where does alcohol fit in?

How will your life look in the future if you don’t change? Will things get better or worse? How might your life look if you change?

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